Last year’s Helping Victims of Domestic Violence Christmas appeal 2021 the charity gave over 700 gifts out to individuals and families across Wiltshire along with a Christmas food hamper. The charity volunteers made up 42 Christmas hamper by food that was donated by the public to go around individuals and families struggling across Wiltshire after leaving domestic abuse situation.

On Christmas eve the HVDV new beginnings team gave out surplus from Lidl and Sainsbury fresh vegetable, potatoes and Turkeys to 60+individuals and families who were struggling .

Here are some of last year’s comments:

‘’Liz turned up the week before Christmas with a hamper with chocolates in me and my bump where truly grateful for this as we had not long moved in and I had little money for food so big thank you. X’’

‘’Thank you for the 4 Christmas Eve boxes the kids loved them and kept them all busy on Christmas Eve while I prepare the Christmas meal. May you all have great Christmas.’’

‘’After Leaving my situation 2 weeks before Christmas I wondered what I could get for the children as I had no money until I was able to sort my finances out. Lucky my support worker contact HVDV the team were so supportive and helped with clothes ,a  Christmas tree ,decorations, Christmas gifts and a hamper I don’t know what I would have done without their support they were amazing . K x’’

Without the support of the public last year we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your kind support of being a drop off point, school, church or business in Wiltshire.

Thank you for your kind support this Christmas by donating to the HVDV Christmas Appeal 2022.

Donating a shoe box or gift bag this Christmas is a wonderful gift to give and bring smiles back to the faces of these families.

Shoe boxes and gift bag needed.

Pre School /primary 2-5 years Boy/Girl

Primary Ks1 5-8 years Boy/ Girl

Primary Ks2 9-11 years Boy/Girl

Secondary 12-17 years Male/Female

Women’s (Mum’s)

Men’s (Dad’s)

HVDV Christmas Appeal 2022 Ideas of items you could use in your shoe box/gift bag.

Dolls, teddies, toy trucks and cars, skipping rope, small puzzles and games, dressing up, role play items etc.

Art and craft.

Art and craft sets, painting sets, Pens, pencils, coloured pencils, felt pens or crayon, stamping set with ink pads, notebooks & paper, calculators, colouring & picture books etc.

Hygiene Items

Tooth brushes, Toothpaste, Soaps, Bubble bath, Shower gels, Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath fizzer, Flannels, Brushes, Combs and hair accessories etc.

Other gift items.

Hats, gloves, scarf, socks, Jewellery, nail polishes, cosmetics, book, candles and wrapped sweets and chocolate, manicure sets Etc…

There may be items you think of which we have not listed if  unsure please email. ad***@hv**.uk

Items we are unable to take due to allergies are sweets that contain nuts and balloons.

Due to Natasha law all sweet and chocolate are to be labelled with ingredients.

Please make sure all toys are age appropriate for the child you wish to receive your kind gift

Thank you for all for your kind support and thought that goes into making your gift bags and gifts which will restore their faith in mankind and make them feel they are not alone this Christmas and bring a smile to individuals and families who have fled Domestic Abuse this Christmas.

Closing date for HVDV Christmas Appeal 2022 is Friday 25th of November 2022