The owners of Trowbridge’s smallest café and bar have become tenants of one of the town’s largest public houses. Ben Pidgeon and Tom Morgan are celebrating after taking on the tenancy of the Wiltshire Yeoman pub in Chilmark Road on the Broadmead housing estate. They concluded a deal with outgoing landlords Gerry and Heidi Loh within just three weeks to become tenants of the Red Oak Taverns pub chain. Mr Pidgeon, 33, said: “We run Trowbridge’s smallest pub, Beetees Café in Market Street, and now we are running one of the town’s biggest pubs.

“We concluded a deal in just three weeks after I overheard a conversation between two people in Bookers cash and carry in Trowbridge and made an approach. “We are very excited to welcome the Wiltshire Yeoman to the Beetees family. The pub will opens on Monday, September 26. We look forward to seeing you all.” Mr Pidgeon said he hopes that Trowbridge residents will support the pub at a time when the country is going through a cost of living crisis and energy price hikes. “We just hope that all the local residents and people in the town will support the pub. There are too many pubs closing across the country due to the Covid pandemic and the cost of living crisis.”

Miss Loh said she had her family had spent 1,547 days “at this beautiful pub”, which was formerly an 18th century farmhouse. She added: “Not as long as we had hoped but then we never could of predicted Covid, the changes in behaviour post-Covid, the economy downturn and extreme price hikes in energy, fuel, food etc. “Whilst I’m sure we’ve been a little like marmite, love us or hate us, we have always tried to do our best at The Wiltshire Yeoman. We have loved meeting you all, two legged and four legged and made some firm friends for life.“Thank you for all your support over the years and your kind words on our departure, it has meant a great deal to us. “As we move on, the Wiltshire Yeoman moves into the hands of Ben and Tom who are extremely keen and excited about their new beginnings here and meeting you all in time. “Please support them and help to keep this beautiful pub alive for years to come.