Christmas recycling top tips

With Christmas fast approaching, here’s some of the best ways you can recycle as much as possible this Christmas.

Kerbside battery collection
You now have the option to simply leave used household batteries on top of your blue-lidden bin in a sealed, transparent plastic bag ready for collection.
You may have replaced the batteries in your Christmas lights, or perhaps a dancing Santa – whatever the source, waste crews can now collect most small household batteries for recycling, as long as they are not leaking; including D, C, AA, AAA, 9V and button-type batteries.

Wrapping paper
Only paper wrapping paper can be recycled. To check if wrapping paper is made of paper, people can use the scrunch test. Scrunch the paper and if it stays in a ball, it can be recycled in your blue-lidded bin.

Real Christmas trees
If you’ve signed up to garden waste collections, you can leave your real Christmas tree next to your green bin on your first scheduled collection in January and we will collect it for composting. Alternatively, you can make a small donation to charities who collect Christmas trees.

Recently there has been an increase in plastic bags and polystyrene (typically used for packaging) being incorrectly disposed of in blue-lidden bins which can damage waste machinery. Check out all the things you can (and can’t) recycle this Christmas on our website.