Trowbridge Town Council has made the decision to take over several services from Wiltshire Council following years of poor standards in our town – these include: the cutting and maintenance of green areas, litter collection and street cleaning.  Some other areas have already transferred to the Town Council in recent years including our Town Park; enjoyed by so many of our residents and visitors to the town. We want to apply the same levels of improved services right across our town! 

Trowbridge isn’t the first council in Wiltshire to proudly take on these services, other towns have done the same, including many in North Wiltshire who have been responsible for such matters for decades and more parish councils will follow. 

Trowbridge Town Council (your council) has worked extremely hard on an agreement with Wiltshire Council which benefits the residents of Trowbridge with local control over local facilities. Our flexible, responsive service has already built a proven track record of delivering improvements when tasked by residents. 

Local councilors have close links with their residents, and many agree that areas of the town have been left to deteriorate by Wiltshire Council and it’s time for our Town Council to take responsibility to deliver much needed improvements. These changes are due to take effect from the 1st April 2023. Officers are now getting resources ready to undertake these much-needed improvements;  

  • To invest funds and time to survey street furniture, benches, bus shelters and bins.  
  • To improve the cleanliness of areas including the Multi-Story Car Park.  
  • To review green spaces, including amenity land, it’s not all about cutting grass so we are developing a strategy on how we intend to maintain these areas for appearance, safety and bio-diversity, a strategy which residents will be invited to participate in, to be part of the change to their town.  


Leader of the council, Cllr Stewart Palmen says; “I am very excited that we are taking on these services from Wiltshire Council, they will enable us to improve our green spaces and help ensure that the Town Centre is kept clean and tidy so that Trowbridge becomes a town we can all be proud to inhabit.” 

Trowbridge Town Council has listened to residents and is taking responsibility, offering greater local level flexibility and improved responsiveness to our priorities whilst keeping Council Tax lower than other towns.