This is a great opportunity to work with the Mayor and open to young people who are members of a cadet group.

The role of the Mayoral cadet is to accompany the mayor of Trowbridge to a number of appropriate public civic events during the mayoral year, this includes amongst others Civic Sunday and Remembrance Sunday.

At these events the Mayoral Cadet will assist the Mayor to welcome dignitaries and perform such duties as conducting a reading at an event or carrying a wreath for the Mayor on Remembrance Sunday.

The Mayoral Cadet also brings a visible association with the local uniformed organisations within the town, and a role that is considered to be a honour and reward for the applicant selected. The successful applicant will be given a badge to be worn on their uniform during their year in office.


If you wish to become the Mayoral Cadet, please fill in the form HERE. 


The Mayor will be chosen at the Full Council on the 16th of May 2023.