Westbury Town Council Statement Incinerator Appeal Decision

The decision by the planning inspector to allow the appeal and therefore the building of a monstrous incinerator close to hundreds of homes, is very disappointing and a dark day not only for Westbury but the whole of West Wiltshire.
Westbury Town Council has fought hard and supported local residents throughout this long-drawn-out process and although permission has been granted, we will continue to hold all parties to account in the coming months and years.
It is said by some that this was a battle difficult to win but it is part of the human spirit that we fight against injustice and perceived wrongs and that was demonstrated in all those who have taken part in the fight against what will become a blight on our local landscape.
Lack of clear government policy and commitment to environmental targets allowed this application to progress through a process where dealing with the problem of waste is put before human health. This decision further demonstrates the damage that can be done by government’s failure to acknowledge that incineration is not the long-term answer to waste disposal.
Wiltshire Council’s planning committee eventually ruled against the building of this incinerator and Westbury Town Council will continue to work with and seek support from all agencies to improve the lives of residents impacted most by the increased traffic and pollution Northacre Renewable Energy will bring to our town.
Mike Sutton
Deputy Mayor 21st February 2023