The parish poll will take place on the 23rd May 2023.

The poll question is “ Do you support a 3% cap on future increases in Trowbridge Town Council’s precept and a parish poll consultation if any proposed increase is larger than 3%?

The polling station will be at Trowbridge Civic Centre, St Stephens Place BA148AH. Free parking is available in the multi-storey car-park adjacent to the Civic Centre and the Town Park.

If you are wish to see your ward along with the Councillors that represent your ward, click here.

The hours of the poll are 4pm – 9pm. Voters cannot be issued with a ballot paper outside of this timeframe.

There will be no poll cards, postal voting or proxy voting – electors have to vote in person regardless of whether they are usually a postal voter or a proxy voter. Voter ID will not be required.

Any questions regarding the conduct of the poll need to be addressed to the Elections Team at Wiltshire Council.

Click here to view the Notice of Parish Poll