Have you met the Trowbridge Volunteer Gardeners yet? Made up of nine dedicated volunteers, TVG has already contributed so much to our town, all for the love of gardening and wanting residents and visitors to enjoy beautiful open spaces. We caught up with the team recently and enjoyed getting to know more about them.

Formed only a few years ago, the team spends several hours a month weeding, planting, and digging their way through the park and other open spaces. When asked why they wanted to do this for the community, they said that it was a pleasure to see people enjoy the park and admire the plant beds. They take such pride in their work and enjoy the social aspect while keeping fit!

The team has been responsible for maintaining and creating the extremely large border around the park for many years and has said that what they have created is a hybrid of plants with a herbaceous cottage feel and are still working out which plants thrive around the boarder. The green-fingered group meets once a month and mainly focuses on the border, but this isn’t the only area they maintain…

Collaborating with our very own Neighbourhood Services team, they have helped with replanting the beds by the war memorial and maintaining and adding to the beautiful Magna Carta rose bed, which will bloom shortly.

Have you strolled past the Textile Garden by St. James Place recently? You have the group to thank for this too (although if you ask them, they will say this is Ron and Celia’s hard work!). When speaking to Ron, he said that he felt so lucky to be able to have the Textile Garden during lockdown, and his hard work during this time still shows today.

The group is sustainable and supported by the community, often giving donated plants a new home and lease on life. Not only has the group rehomed plants, but they have also been fortunate enough to receive donations of tools and money, all of which they are extremely grateful for.

We are sure you will all agree—the team is blooming marvelous!