A journey back to the past from when Starry Eyes first started, and the people and the performers who were part of it. There will be film clips and performances from very talented performers who were once part of Starry Eyes, and also some new ones who didn’t have chance to perform in the big shows at the Civic Hall, but have joined us for events all around Wiltshire. Sally Boyle, with her colleague the late Val Priddey, co-founded Starry Eyes back in 1999 and put on their first show in 2000 to mark the Millennium. It has been a wonderful journey and some of our best memories were made during the heyday of Starry Eyes. Val will be sadly missed, and we hope that she will be watching with pride on the day of the show. We have a wonderful professional comedian, Phil Lowen, who will be hosting and also performing his hilarious act on the day. This show is not to be missed as it will provide a whole afternoon of laughter, and good family entertainment – not to mention so many memories for so many people . . .

The afternoon costs £5 per ticket: for more information please contact Sally on 07849 805 939.