See history brought to life at this splendid Wiltshire country home . . .

The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment of the English Civil War Society will re-enact the two-day Royalist occupation of the Manor House which took place 375 years ago, in 1644. The Regiment and accompanying civilians will march in at the start of each day and guards will be posted to keep watch. The soldiers will drill and fire muskets and cannon during the day.
In tents in the garden, civilians will show and tell you how people lived in the 17th century. A clerk will be in the Great Hall to replicate the writing of the accounts of September 1644.

The Chaplain, musicians and officers will recreate activities in the parish church and around the Manor. In the afternoon, a Parliamentarian patrol will be driven off in a sharp skirmish. Any prisoners taken will be tried and then marched off under escort.

Admission costs £5 per adult, 16 years and under, FREE. Proceeds contribute to the maintenance and development of the Arts & Crafts Garden at Great Chalfield.

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