FL exercise impact Exercise. . .

FL exercise is a low impact Exercise to Music system focussing on core-stability/posture, stretching, strengthening, maintaining/increasing range of movement and improving confidence and balance. The classes are ideally suited to the more mature or those who would rather not exercise too vigorously to a range of music chosen by the teacher to, hopefully, suit the tastes of all participants. This class does include a floor section for exercises to focus on abdominals/core/pelvic floor and spine strengthening/mobility but can be undertaken sitting on a chair as an alternative. Resistance bands, weights and other apparatus are often included in sessions but are optional. A fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics and dance FL exercise meets a lot of requirements and preferences and all sessions are fun, friendly and non-competitive resulting in feeling invigorated, motivated and with a feeling of well-being!

This will be taking place to the:

Steeple Ashton Village Hall
Church Street
Steeple Ashton

Starting from the 5th September until the 12th December 2019 from 18:00 – 19:00

Cost will be £6.25 on a weekly Basis

For information contact Julie Reid ( or Call 01225 766844