Time: to
Location: BiBO Studio 19 Meadow Works Trowbridge BA14 8BR

You’re invited to listen in to a fly-on-the-wall mentoring session between an industry expert and someone just getting started. They’ll be learning about each other’s challenges and goals, sharing experiences and most importantly: how they’re sticking to their values.

The mentoring session will last approximately 30mins before other guests will be invited to put forward some of their own questions. This event has been developed to attract a diverse audience, regardless of background or past experience in property. Proceeds from tickets enable the organiser to support local community initiatives, but please get in touch if this cost is a barrier to your attendance.

The “doors” to this virtual event will open at 3.45 where you will be able to seat yourself in the Social Lounge – a series of networking breakout tables. The Social Lounge will remain open after the presentation where you can continue to speak with other participants.

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