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Location: The Pump, Mortimer Street, Trowbridge. BA14 0NH
Jonathan Pickard brings a (mostly) Celtic-themed evening of instrumental music to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Not the usual foot stomping variety of folk, but more dreamy and evocative, timeless visions and soundscapes of some of the saints and sinners that emerge through the Celtic musical mists. Accompanied by stories, to shed light on the origins, myths and characters that inspired these tunes.The Harp-Guitar is a magical experience for lovers of acoustic / finger style guitar! Jon Pickard is an award winning guitarist and story teller, a unique artist and one of the very few pioneers of the modern Harp-Guitar in the UK today.

Harp Guitars come in infinite size, shapes and variety and have been around for centuries, but always on the fringes of the guitar world – due to their size and complexity.  With a far greater range and soundscape than any of their 6 or 12 string cousins they produce and immense and epic sound, full of unexpected resonance and character – you have to hear it to believe it!