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Location: Trowbridge Town Hall

Tenderlore consists of Hayley McDonnell, Olly Lewis and Rob Kitney, together an Alternative Folk trio rich in harmony and lyrical intent.

The trio met whilst at university in Southampton as fellow singer/songwriters. Inspired by each other’s music they began to collaborate on each other’s songs and make their mark on the local music scene.

Recent gigs have seen Tenderlore supporting raucous folk rockers Mad Dog McCrea and 60s pop legends The Move. Inspired by the likes of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes and Laura Marling, Tenderlore’s sound is the amalgamation of three individual musical identities blending as one.

Their recently released second album Ty Crwn takes them a step beyond their trad-folk roots, and is drenched in glorious and distinctive jazz influenced harmonies. Rich in glissandos, intervals are fresh and contemporary, and whilst classic harmony driven rock bands of the 1970′ s (for example America and CSNY) are referenced, this is no mere tribute work, but a thing of its own.