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Location: Trowbridge Town Hall, Market St, Trowbridge BA14 8EQ

‘Up’ is a showcase of artist Tom ‘Miller’s latest work taking form in a collection of mixed media paintings and drawing artistically exploring the dynamics of colour, texture and form.


The show is a pursuit to illustrate the constant upwards journey of life pursuing love.


Love being light and the artist’s greatest endeavour. ‘Up’ represents the constant push forward to progress within our own reality towards a brighter place than the current, escaping depression through imagining and actively loving.


Miller has become known for his surreal canvases and murals across Bristol, but having grown up in Trowbridge he is excited to exhibit work from the past 2 years in his hometown. Miller amalgamates ideas and styles to create a mixture of surreal, abstract pieces through experimenting in a playful yet meticulous manner.


He takes influence from classical baroque painting to contemporary portraiture, to microscopic photography, to dreams.



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