Location: Trowbridge Museum

WEFT: Where do we start, where do we finish?

We are really excited to announce the return of our West of England Festival of Textiles (WEFT) from June – October 2022, co-curated with Carolyn Griffiths, author of ‘Woad To This & The Cloth Trade of Frome’. The WEFT is a biennial exhibition celebrating all textile forms, and although our Museum focuses on Trowbridge’s fantastic weaving heritage, WEFT presents and exhibits all textile forms created in the West of England.

This year the theme for WEFT explores sustainability in textile arts and crafting to highlight the greener approach many textile artists and creatives are taking. With this in mind we pose the question, ‘Where do we start, where do we finish?’ to illustrate the cyclical nature of sustainability.

WEFT runs from 18th June through to 29th October