Welcome to the Trowbridge Neighbourhood Plan website

Trowbridge, like many of its neighbouring Wiltshire towns and villages, is considering developing a Neighbourhood Plan to influence the way that the town develops over the next few years, alongside the Wiltshire Local Plan Review (2016-2026) and to ensure that the town delivers new houses to meet Government targets. The Town Council is leading the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. Neighbourhood Planning is all about providing local people with the opportunity to have a say in how planning decisions in their own area are made. The process of Neighbourhood Planning can be quite complicated and is linked to government legislation but there is plenty of guidance to help us achieve such a plan. At the core of the process is a thorough engagement and consultation process. Where we are with the whole town plan and what processes we have been through and what is still to go are explained in the following pages of this website.

Following boundary changes part of the town is covered by the North Bradley Neighbourhood Plan, including White Horse Business Park, most of the proposed Ashton Park development, some of the proposed Drynham Lane development and development proposed between North Bradley village and the White Horse Business Park. Trowbridge Town Council supports the North Bradley Neighbourhood Plan which is available via the link:


What is the Trowbridge Neighbourhood Plan?

The Trowbridge Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to have an impact on the planning and related issues that affect Trowbridge.  Whilst the plan is about land use planning; housing, business, green space, leisure facilities, etc; it provides an opportunity for local people and organisations to develop their own ideas about the place where they live, work and visit and for these ideas to become part of Wiltshire’s Development Framework; the primary governing document for planning in the Wiltshire Council area.

Is this plan likely to have any impact on Local Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning has, at its core, government legislation and support. The Localism Act, passed at the end of 2011 has been followed by a series of Regulations, providing guidance and support. Wiltshire Council have to follow this guidance and it provides an opportunity for communities to guide planning in their own areas.

Are other places in Wiltshire doing Neighbourhood Plans?

Many Town and Parish Councils have developed or are developing Neighbourhood Plans across Wiltshire. Made plans include: Bradford on Avon, Calne, Devizes, Holt, Hilperton and Warminster as well as North Bradley. Further information about Neighbourhood Planning in Wiltshire can be found here: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning-neighbourhood

Who is running and paying for this process?

Inevitably, this process costs money to run. Trowbridge Town Council are providing these funds and we will be making an application for a grant from the government to support the costs. However, it is seen as very much a joint venture between the town council and the local community; with a Steering group including members of the public.

What area does the Trowbridge Neighbourhood Plan cover?

The Trowbridge Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole of the Civil Parish of Trowbridge, which is the boundary of the area which is the responsibility of Trowbridge Town Council. It does NOT include the areas which are the responsibility of adjacent councils: Staverton, Hilperton, Steeple Ashton, West Ashton, North Bradley, Southwick, Wingfield, Bradford on Avon and Holt. The map on the following page: https://www.trowbridge.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/A3-Councillors-May-2021-for-PDF.pdf-v3.pdf shows the boundaries of Trowbridge.

We have already prepared two background documents:

Conservation Area Appraisal

Neighbourhood Plan Scoping Report