Assisting in transforming a group’s ambitions to reality.

Please Note that our Grant Application Process for 2021/2022 has now closed.

Information on grants for 2022-23 is available in our Grants Policy 2022-23.


The following organisations received funds in 2020-2021:

Back on Track – Stroke Rehab Service                                  £1000.00
Trowbridge Town Football Club                                            £1,200.00
Friends of the Down Cemetery                                              £223.00
Group Five                                                                                 £900.00
Starry Eyes Talent Show                                                         £900.00
Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG)                        £400.00
Moroccan Community Association                                      £870.00
Families Out Loud                                                                   £900.00
The Big Community Grow                                                     £900.00
Independent Living Centre                                                   £900.00
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust                                                         £400.00

A number of other organisations provide specific grant funding in the Trowbridge area. These include

Wiltshire Council’s Trowbridge Area Board
Trowbridge Town Trust
St James’ Trust
Wiltshire Community Foundation